About us

RadharaniVegetarian restaurant “Radharane” is a gift to a food aficionado. It is a real find for those who seek healthy, savory or simply different cuisine.

To prepare our dishes we use high quality grains, lentils, vegetables, fruits, East Indian and Lithuanian spices, ghi (purified butter), paneer (sweet milk cheese), tofu and other soy products.

We do not use genetically modified produce and preservatives.

We offer to taste variety of pastries, cakes and tarts, East Indian sweets, homemade bread and oven baked samosas.

You are welcome to visit us, and experience new tastes and flavors. We are waiting for you!

  • Kaunas:
    Laisvės alėja 40, Kaunas, Lithuania
    Phone: 8-37-362941
    Daukšos g. 28, Kaunas, Lithuania
    Phone: 8-646-28262